Today, the pharmacies world experiences a strong pressure for change, particularly regarding the services offered to the customers.

The drug interactions monitoring in pharmacy is a service of strategic importance for patients taking more than one medicine:

  • it is an institutional responsibility for the pharmacists, traditionally considered reliable by the patients
  • it is a key element in building customer loyalty
  • it stimulates the pharmacist to grow professionally and to increase his collaboration with physicians on matters of high scientific value
  • may constitute a for fee professional service

In addition to the features that differentiate it significantly from other supports, like the ability to sift complex situations and to integrate herbs, supplements, foods, drugs of abuse, and so on in the analysis (see general information) Interactions Explorer contains some tools specifically designed for the Pharmacists, in particular the possibility to enter the names of the active ingredients from a code reader and to print a letter to the treating physician starting from a customizable template.

The interactions monitoring in Pharmacy can occur starting from a customer’s request, or when the pharmacist suspects any drug adverse reaction. Again, some experiences suggest the possibility of a pro-active surveillance on specific groups of patients (elderly, people taking more than n medicines, etc..) or the possibility to organize moments dedicated to health education about the interactions.